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Gulp Events Party Package

With a friendship spanning over nearly 20 years, and having met in the hospitality industry, we believe that we are the perfect pair to be organising your event. We love working together, and we hope this shows in the professionalism of our events.

After over a decade of working as Cabin Crew, and with a varied Travel and Hospitality background even before that, we both decided it was time to use our skills and talents we’d gathered over the years, and put them to good use! It was then that GULP Events was born.

We have a love and a passion for the hospitality industry, without which we couldn’t do this job. We pride ourselves in our customer service skills, but above all believe we have an eye for detail, and a talent to turn your event into something you’ll remember forever. After all, life really is all about making the memories.

With all of us leading incredibly busy lives, we decided to put together our unique, affordable packages, allowing you to enjoy your event to the fullest.

Here at GULP, we like to support the local Brighton and Hove Community (we love our city!). We try to keep our suppliers of local provenance, priding ourselves in our professional and trusting relationship with them all. Be assured that they have all been tried and tested to our very high standards!

We really hope that we can be of service to you at your next special occasion... Let us do the work for you, leaving you fresh and ready to party.

Daniel and Tony.